5 Unique Ways To Do On Your Wedding Day

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Looking for something a little different on your big day? If you want to start your next chapter in style, here are five ways to breathe new life into the traditional ceremonies of centuries past.

1: Sparklers

You may not have known this, but throwing rice can actually wreak havoc on the digestion of local birds. Sparklers will give you the same fairytale effect without the damage to the ecosystem!

2: Balloons and Bubbles

Say “I do” in the presence in a hundred glistening bubbles, or get your children to release balloons as you seal your vows with a kiss. This is a great way to involve the little ones if you and your intended already have children from previous relationships.

3: Personalized Favors

Make a statement with personalized favors. You don’t have to limit them to names and dates; you can also get creative with song lyrics, famous quotes or even marriage jokes to give your guests a laugh.

4: Choreographed Dances

Shake your moneymaker with a fun routine that will get everyone on the dance floor. Do the wave with your bridesmaids; rope the best man into a moon walk. Some couples have even danced down the aisle itself!

5: Macarons

Sure, the wedding cake is your prized dessert, but what if your guests want finger food? Or what if you don’t like traditional white icing? A variety box of macarons will go a long way towards satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth. Buy now to enjoy a tasty treat on the happiest day of your life!

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