Three Reasons You Need a Catered Buffet

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Oh, glory be! You volunteered, or rather were volunteered, to be in charge of the food for your upcoming company retreat. You would rather be part of the Iron Chef squid competition than be in charge of feeding your boss and a few hundred of his closest friends. You have a pretty decent budget to work with, so you are looking into securing the services of a company specializing in buffet catering in Fort Worth.

Company Retreat

Since you are in charge of feeding so many people, it is important to have a variety of foods to choose from so you can, hopefully, satisfy everybody attending. It is even more important to make everyone happy because they are your coworkers and you have to be there with them for the retreat, and everyone knows people are so cranky when they are hungry. The buffet will feature a wide variety of barbecued meats such as pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken. It will also have delicious and hearty salads and sides for those not so inclined to the meat family.

Wedding Reception

Now, your idea of a fancy wedding reception might not originally be a barbecue buffet. Don’t let it stop you from considering it as an option. Having a beautiful sit down dinner can include delicious tasting as well as delicious looking food. Your guests will not only remember your romantic ceremony and the rocking band, but the scrumptious food as well. Your new husband will also thank you for the juicy pulled pork and amazing smoked turkey and chicken.

Party Time

 When considering the many opportunities for buffet catering in Fort Worth, don’t forget that party of the year you are planning. It could be your parent’s 50th anniversary, your husband’s 40th birthday, or your famous annual Summer Solstice party. You can get the amazing food that you need to make your party the talk of the town and you can focus on all of the other things on your to-do list before the party and actually enjoy yourself during the party. That would be a first, a very happy first.

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