My Christmas Day Dessert

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white chocolate strawberry shortcake 1

This was our Christmas Day dessert. It’s a White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake made by my daughter’s friend. She owns a a small pastry shop she calls Phoebe Cakes. I wanted to bake our own dessert but I got too busy with all the holiday preparations, I only managed to make fruit salad. It was a good thing that Phoebe managed to make one for us even if our order came in a little late.

white chocolate strawberry shortcake 2

white chocolate strawberry shortcake 3

As you can see, it’s a beautiful cake and the strawberries were sweet. The icing made from white chocolate was surprisingly not too sweet which I liked very much. It could have been so perfect had the cake been a little moist. Which reminds me, I had to call Phoebe and tell her that the sponge cake was dry so she can improve it.

Christmas day lunch and dinner were spent with family. We headed to my in-laws for lunch where MIL prepared Beef Caldereta then dinner was spent with my mom and dad. Mom prepared our favorite Japanese dishes — Yakiniku, Tempura and some Gyoza.  It was after dinner that we opened our gifts. The kids, especially the twins, were too happy with all the presents they got. I got a mini iPad from my brother and a slane bee pendant from my sister. Both my siblings are in the US so we had to make do with Facetime. Our Christmas Day celebration was simple but it was a day well spent with family.


slane bee

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